Residential Design and Installation

Master planning, design and installation services for a beautiful North Central New Jersey residence. For the design and installation of landscape around their new home in Bernardsville, New Jersey, these clients called upon the landscape architect who had designed their previous suburban…

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Master Planning

Landscape planning and design to promote learning from the surrounding environment. The LEED™ Green Building Rating System, produced by the US Green Building Council, was used as a framework to set goals for environmental performance for this School and the design team.

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Luxury and LEED

First Certified LEED Home in Harding, NJ - A model practice of environmental stewardship and site regeneration. The design and construction process tells a story of inspired leadership, the incorporation of systems design, and design team synergy.

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Inspired by Nature

Natural attributes on the property guided this unique, native landscape design, installation and continued maintenance. This suburban property in the Highlands of north central New Jersey offered a wealth of natural attributes and existing built elements that guided the landscape design.

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Eco and Agro Luxury

Outdoor spaces designed to be in tune with organic, nature loving, family-oriented lifestyle. This project involved a home converted from stables located on a six-acre property. The homeowners approached Back to Nature to help transform the outdoor spaces surrounding the home to be in tune with…

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Historic Hamlet Redesigned

Master Plan to revitalize a historic hamlet while preserving the natural systems and surrounding environment. Collaborating with a team of engineers, architects, environmental and traffic consultants, Back to Nature helped to create a master plan for the revitalization of the Pottersville Corner.

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