Jan 15, 2015

Grow you Own Food: Benefits Abound!

One of the most rewarding activities you can enjoy is to grow your own food. Besides being able to enjoy in delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs from your own backyard, growing your own food positively impacts your health, your family, and the environment.

A bountiful harvest!
A bountiful harvest!

Benefits to your Family

Planting, harvesting and caring for a garden is a great way to bring your family together and get some outdoor exercise.  A garden provides an excellent opportunity to teach children about nature and growing cycles as well as nutrition.  Not only will you and your family be more likely to eat the fresher, better tasting foods, you can be sure that your homegrown organic foods do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers or hormones.

Growing your own food can also save you a significant amount of money on groceries. By freezing, drying and canning your food, you can extend the savings beyond the growing season.

Environmental Benefit

Growing your own food can help reduce your carbon footprint. You can help protect air and water quality when you grown your won food organically, without chemical pesticides. You will also reduce the use of fossil fuels and resulting pollution from transporting food to the supermarket.

Federal law allows property tax breaks for those who have enough land dedicated to agriculture. Back to Nature can help you determine whether farmland assessment is right for you.