Feb 19, 2016

Conservation Communities – The Future of Sustainable Development

What is a Conservation Community?

It’s what the future of development looks like. It means builders take care to situate and build residential homes in a responsible way, minimizing the negative impact on the land and ecosystem while maximizing the quality of life for homeowners. It is a development where some, if not most of the land that is available for development is protected and preserved. Home buyers who choose a conservation community are at the forefront of mindful living. They’re making a choice to reside in the most energy efficient homes constructed with the highest-quality, sustainable materials. They’re choosing to live in harmony with nature and in the tradition of the native landscape. In a conservation community, the environment, agriculture and development coexist in a beneficial balance.

Conservation Communities are popping up throughout the US, with the most recent, right here in Bernards Township, NJ. Mine Brook Farm is a new, eco-friendly community of 12 homes. Communal walking paths, fishing pond, clubhouse barn, organic gardens and acres of native meadows make this community unique.

To find out more about Mine Brook Farm and Conservation Communities, click here.