Oct 5, 2017

Back to Nature Provides Florals for PGA’s Presidents Cup Event

When the Professional Golf Association (PGA) needed to trust that their florals would look great for 10 million worldwide viewers of the Presidents Cup, they called Back to Nature.

pres cup logoweb
The Presidents Cup is a prestigious golf event held every four years. It features a team from the U.S. battling head to head against a team made up of International players for the rights to claim the cup. This year, the event was held at Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City, NJ – an amazing backdrop for the event.

Preparation for the project began months ago, with the design team from Back to Nature working to develop and design the Presidents Cup Fan Village. This space would serve as the entry to the event, where thousands and thousands of visitors would gather, eat and shop before heading off to watch match play.  The site layout was critical; placement of tents, stands and walking paths was key to ensure easy access to the site. The building of temporary parking areas and driveways were all completed in the months leading up to the event so that the site could be ready for vendors and staff.


During that time there were also numerous meetings to determine the needs for floral arrangements and accent pieces. Back to Nature not only worked with the PGA, but with over 50 of the worlds leading companies to provide flowers and accent pieces for their hospitality tents. Including:


Of particular note, we created an incredible living wall for Citi – filled with hundreds of succulent plants. It served as the focal point for their hospitality suite.



Three past Presidents and our current President attended the event and enjoyed Back to Nature’s spectacular rose wreath which was used to showcase the President Cup trophy.

pga trump

Working together with the PGA, the staff at Liberty National, and the vendors, sponsors of the event, Back to Nature created beautiful accent florals that were showcased throughout this great event site.

Whether it’s an event with thousands of attendees, a wedding, dinner party, or just because – stop by Back to Nature and let us create beautiful flower arrangements for you!